Monday, 24 January 2011

Planning ahead

A car accident in Germany during the first week of October put me out of CP action for a few weeks but the week after Christmas saw a return over the knee and the back of the chair in the study of the Domme I visit most regularly. During that visit we played the Strict wife/husband role as we normally do however two weeks later I was back and I asked for something completely different.

I asked my Mistress to be exactly that a Mistress and to have a session with no fantasy. I confessed to something I really felt I needed punishing for. Now because I enjoy CP I suggested that there might be little point in using it and so with just 3 exceptions I gave Mistress a free run to punish me as she felt fit. So there it was, Mistress verses me, real time, real life.

The session was hell, I was taught a lesson and I will in future blogs let you all know what new things I was subjected to, but for now I will tell of just one aspect.

Midway through the session Mistress stated that although I thought I enjoyed CP she had something I would not enjoy. I was to endure a 20 stroke judicial caning with only 2 to 3 seconds between each strokes, I was to count and if I didn't get the count in before the next stroke hit then that stroke didn't count.

This was hell, 20 full force strokes on a cold bottom, from the 1st stroke I knew I was in trouble. In fantasy session I'm often informed "if you don't do this" or " if you fail to do that then you will get extra strokes" and in turn I will falter on purpose just to get extra strokes but this time, this time I counted as quick as I could and tears were flooding from me. I asked for a punishment and this along with other treatments this session left me truly repentant. Though it did give me an idea.

I have had a cold caning before. About 10 years ago I travelled some way to see a Domme in Gillingham,Kent, we went for the wife sending me to a disciplinarian scenario, I was instructed to take along a letter from my wife stating all my misdemeanours. I have a feeling this Domme may have misunderstood things a bit because she read the letter and stated that after consideration I was to receive a 35 stroke caning with extras for non compliance. This caning was from cold and was hell from stroke 1 however this time there were long pauses between strokes and after 15 or so strokes I relaxed into enough to make sure I earned extras although in this case all the extras were administered superbly with a large wooden paddle.

So the plan. My next session I'm going to request a cold caning bent over a chair, my hands and feet are to remain placed on the Chair/floor at all times and I'm to count, extras to be added for non compliance but this time I shall request the strokes are delivered 15 seconds apart. I'm not sure which Domme to visit for this as my regular Domme may be too harsh for me to be able to withstand, oh decisions decisions eh.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Mistress Sidonia Von Bork solves the watersports question

OK I'll admit it, this post is all about my delight and a case of "look who commented on my blog." After yesterdays watersports post Mistress Sidonia Von Bork was kind enough to post the reply below. I didn't want this just hiding in the comments area so I've brought it to the front page

                      "I am an older dom woman, I've just reached the big 4 - 0 and would dispute that age affects WS. I am a lover of WS play, the day before I will eat nothing too strong or spicy, vitamins are a no, no. Then early on the day I will start drinking lots of warm water and then I pee just before the session - buy the time I wish to use a slave's mouth it will be almost a clear liquid. For my movies we have had to add a little food colouring to my pee because otherwise it doesn't show up well on camera. MSVB"

On a serious note (if BDSM can be serious) it does solve the mystery. I obviously knew the golden liquid would be affected by what one consumes but I had no idea so much effort was required to really make it so wonderfully palatable. Obviously the great watersports session I have had the Dommes have gone to great efforts.

In another comment Mistress Sidonia also stated she needed to make my bottom blush. Now CP and watersports with this iconic lady, oh I can only dream, which is what I'm off to do as well as ..........

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The arrival of watersports

Some 10 years or so ago I ventured to the south of the capital for a session in Hither Green. The session was very average right up to the end when I was instructed by my tormentor to lay on my back, she then crouched over me exactly as the image above and then instructed me not to spill a drop and she urinated into my mouth. This blew my mind, I had not asked for it either.

It all proved how stupid I was really. After the session I told my Domme that it was a surprising first for me and expressed how much I enjoyed it. She then referred me to the original advert that stated "suffer at xxxx's hands then drink up". OK I really should have worked it out.

Since then I have mixed results with watersports however I think I have worked it all out now. As a Domme is forcing you to swallow I have noticed the taste gets stronger the deeper you get past mid flow. I have also noticed the health of the Domme has a bearing too, a young fit Domme's golden gift will normally taste Divine and whilst I have had some outstanding sessions with larger Dommes I have learned to keep clear of the waterfall. It is also unfortunate that age seems to have an affect too which is a shame because my favorite Domme is aging, I have tried her rain and it wasn't too good. However I am that submissive if demanded I would take it down without complaint.

If I do take part in this activity I prefer to take the pleasure directly from source, I once had a repeat session where I had a divine piss drink from a beautiful Dommes source but in the next session she pissed into a glass then made me drink it. for me at least not the best.

All of the above said I do find watersports a mood thing. I am always in the mood for CP but not always the zone for golden rain.