Monday, 23 December 2013

Journey's end. A beautiful future. My last ever post.

Every blog must come to an end, I didn't just drift from blogging, I made a conscience decision to not let my blog become a mistress review site. However now I have the perfect opportunity to close my blog in the happiest of styles, because my journey is over.

Perfection returned to my submissive life back in July of this year. I once wrote after losing this lady to her break from sessions that I wanted to find one Mistress to settle with. I was tired of searching but search I had to do. I mentioned that "I would drink a lot of cava before I found champagne". I was right, I only found champagne once.  I mentioned that when I found champagne "it wouldn't be the right vintage". Now non of this matters, because I now have my Mistress. The same wonderful lady I thought I had lost. I am so happy.

It hasn't been an easy return for me. I've been full of nerves, full of fear of losing this lady, now my Mistress. I've spent time now with my mistress out of sessions too. It's lovely, my submission is so natural even I can't quite fathom it all. I think I'll just not bother and just accept it. Accept it's simple and pure beauty.

Today for me was a turning point, I've known since September that in my own mind this lady was going to be my sole Mistress but somehow today all the pieces came together. You'll forgive me if I don't go into detail.

Now is not the time to relax though. I have a lot to learn. I'll soak up the knowledge with pleasure and pride. My desire to please is immense and feels so natural but it is a burden, I'm troubled I may do things wrong and I'm sure I will but it is a beautiful burden.  I've titled this post journeys end, it could have as easily been called journeys start. I have so far to go. So much work ahead and no doubt greater things are still to come.

I hope my readers are happy for me. I know this blog was called dwcdesires and I've blogged about the desire to live in a FLR relationship. I don't want that now, not just because the search was impossible but because what I have I now prefer. Just like FLR I don't get to walk away, I'm constantly troubled with this ladies happiness and safety. My mind is constantly reminding me of my mistress.

One simple indication for me that I had finally found the lady I wanted to be my Mistress was that despite being into CP I will do anything to avoid punishment and hopefully will never have to be punished by my Mistress. It'll be a tearful day and it won't be the pain that'll dampen my eyes it'll be the knowledge that I had caused her the upset.

The rest of the indications are for me. Marked "private." Hope you all understand.

I wish all of you, Dommes, Subs and the just damn curious a happy life.

I am blissfully happy