Saturday, 15 October 2011

A virus, the bargain basement, 100 strokes and finally the legend returns.

Starting a blog when really you're a lazy git is a bit daft as it just exposes that fact when you have not blogged for ages. So here goes and I've been busy.

I'll set the scene. It's a lovely August morning and I'm driving back from Birmingham to the sanity of London. I'm home and I send the text to confirm my appointment with a true legend, a powerhouse in the CP world, a woman afraid of nothing, a beautiful lady who could take on the Spartans single handed......but what's this......a virus ? Yes a virus so strong it felled this icon, a virus that if you or I had it would leave us as ink type in the obituary column. My concern for Ma'am was greater than my disappointment but as you will read at the end of this post some things are worth waiting for.

 So what was I supposed to do. I was an alcoholic who found the off license shut, I was the OCD housewife out of Multi Purpose Cleaner or more to the point I was the submissive who badly needed to get his backside beaten.

I didn't really know what to do as it is hard to get same day appointments and my regular London mistress was not back til the next day. However I was in luck. I discovered a web site called and from this I found a lady to scratch my itch. I was not expecting too much from this session mainly because of the cost. It was the cheapest hour I have ever had but she turned out to be a nice mature lady in an excellent domestic setting. We went for the strict Aunt scenario. It went well but the caning was way lighter than my mind was programmed to receive that day had the evil virus not struck.

I awoke the next day still a little frustrated and immediately booked a session with my regular London lady, but I had a problem, I had another ladies marks on my rear. Though I don't think it would have been a problem I didn't want to offend. Now we normally play the strict wife scenario in her domestic setting but she also has a dungeon and as a confirmed pervert I have twisted mind so I came up with a "cunning" plan. I suggested to my tormentor that we should role play the strict wife so sick of her husbands behaviour that she had rented a dungeon to punish him in. 100 cane strokes with no warm up. So now my rubber shorts were on from the start and after 100 strokes when I removed them at the end all previous marks would be welted over. It worked but the 100 strokes were very painful.

All this bring us back to this week when finally a virus free legend returns from the frozen north and attends to my disciplinary needs. I had to confess to a wrong doing and received spanking, hand tawsing and a thorough caning for my err, oh and the most perfect sublime watersports.What I like about the sessions I have had with this lady is the scene is set by her so I don't really know what is coming. I wasn't prepared to confess to a sin so I made one up but during the intensity of the caning my mind started to focus on a genuine sin not dis-similar to the one I had invented but far worse and one I have genuine regret and shame over. Ma'am has a way with words as well as the cane and I'm thinking of asking if I could confess that to her and receive a judicial caning from her. The punishment and her ability to scold before punishment may release me from this.