Saturday, 11 December 2010

The next steps

After that first session in 1981 I was obviously captivated by this new world I had discovered, there was no Internet then and I had no experience on the scene. I would have killed just to get hold of an image like the one above and to think that now within a few clicks i'm watching a Domme caning in seconds.

So it was time for my second session and another round of inexperience and mistakes. I re booked to go back to Leinster Gardens where I suggested how the session should run and as any Domme reading this will tell you that was a big mistake. There is nothing wrong in giving a Domme a framework or you could end up with something you dont like, for example CBT which in my case would hate. What I learned very quickly was a shopping list leads to a dull session with no intrigue.

I decided it was time to find pastures new and what a find, again this Domme is no longer active so I can name her. The lady I discovered was Mistress Paula of St Petersburg Place and what a lady she was. She taught me how to take more punishment, how to totally let go, she encouraged tears and had the insight to know what I  really wanted, she also taught me how to savour the moment and how the session experience would continue for days onwards. I sessioned with her for years although not exclusively, but she was my teacher, she was the lady who I took all of my learned submissive skills into other sessions from and her retirement was one of my sadest days within the 5% part of my life.

I dedicate this post to Mistress Paula who probably does not know how influential she was on my journey.