Monday, 14 March 2011

Spanked Hubby blog ?

A guy who called himself Mike Murphy had a very successful blog called Spanked Hubby. DOes anyone know what Ihappened to this ?

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Wow,and it was short sharp shock.

Last week I had a discipline session for the second time with a British CP legend. This session was special and unique right from the outset. I didn't really proactively book this session, I was almost summonsed.

I reported at 11.30. Now looking back on it I think Ma'am wanted to go directly into session mode and dispense with the usual pre session chat because I was from the front door to the punishment room in seconds where she immediately told me to prepare (ie strip) and wait in the corner for her return. As I waited in the corner it occurred to me we hadn't discussed anything, not the scene, not the implements to be used, absolutely nothing. I stood there as apprehensive as I've ever been.

Ma'am entered the room and for a few moments attended to things she needed to do as though I wasn't even there. That however changed in a blink of an eye as a harsh verbal dressing down began with reference to something I really had done and it ended with the announcement of punishment.

I was ordered out of the corner and told to go across her knees, I then went to bend over as a right handed spanker would need me but I was swiftly ordered the other side which confused me as I was sure Ma'am delivered her punishment right handed. What followed was hard to take, it was well over 120 rapid hand spanks before I was ordered to stand up.

As I stood up she said "I bet you think that's the spanking over, well it's not" I was ordered to lay the other way round over her knees and I was right Ma'am is right handed and another 120 plus very hard right handed spanks from a right handed disciplinarian descended to my rear before being instructed back to my corner, hands on head.

It was time to come back out of the corner and I was instructed to go across a whipping bench where I was to receive 12 strokes of the strap. Each stroke was delivered hard and about 20 seconds apart, they really stung. After a return visit to the corner I found my self back over the bench for 12 strokes of her brand new Glasgow tawse. I never got a good look at the tawse but I think it looked like the one below, regardless it bloody hurt and the tears arrived.

I was never in any doubt that the cane was coming my way. 24 strokes were announced and I knew a good few painful minutes were ahead. The first 12 ma'am delivered left handed. I think she is trying to perfect an ambidextrous side to her abilities. Stroke 13 however was back with the right hand and I was truly sobbing from that point on and my mind went blank to the point I lost count.

Ma'am announced that it was 15 but as I lost count and she wished me to be focused on my punishment we would start again. At this point I had a horrible shock, I knew Ma'am would start again and I genuinely had lost count but because the punishment had been in sets of 12 thus far i thought she was just going to start again on the right handed set of 12. I was still thinking this 4 strokes in until Ma'am announced "20 to go". The penny had dropped and I felt like crying more than I already was. Those of you who receive the cane yourselves know what my next 5 minutes before finding myself back in the corner were like.

I stood in that corner a broken man but Ma'am announced a further 6 strokes, I didn't argue and I was on the bench quickly. Ma'am took her shoes off and let me know the significance of that, she then delivered the final six strokes from hell and it was over. Ma'am had corrected me and I dearly thank her for her time.