Saturday, 9 April 2011

Chastity games

Not being in a relationship and getting all ones submissive kicks from the professionals should not be a bar to chastity games, but for me there is a problem. Finding a lady to lock you up and keep the key is easy if you are prepared to pay and I would be although my lifestyle does not allow this,without going into too much detail I could not carry on with my normal life unhindered.

This however did not stop me from purchasing a CB3000 some years ago which I've played glorious little games with. I would lock myself up and see how much I could bear it or simply remove it if the situation dictated.

Of course that doesn't even come close to the DWC chastity lifestyle of your good ladies letting you know if it is convenient or not for you to be released and orgasm.

I love the idea of allowing the one you love to hold the key and be in control, I love the idea of honouring someone so much that I would be prepared to do this for them. It would need to be exactly that though. I wouldn't want to have to suffer really draconian measures of months locked up as punishment, in my DWC Desire it's CP that's the punishment tool. Chastity is a honouring tool. I certainly have no desire at all to be cuckold, for those of you who enjoy it and I know there are many I wish the best of luck but I can not abide the thought of someone I love being screwed by someone else.

My little games with the CB3000 were fun though. The longest period I endured was 5 days. I locked my little friend up and just simply left the key at a place I wouldn't return to for 5 days that was over 200 miles away from London. I was at work all day with this device on, I was constantly looking down to see if there was an excessive bulge. I think I got away with it but who would have said anything anyway.

I enjoyed the knowledge that my colleagues and friends had no idea, I also enjoyed an unexpected surprise. When you are in this device you are constantly reminded of your sexuality, you also learn that during a day your penis changes size and shape constantly. I'm not just talking erection or flaccid here, there are points during the day where the penis will retreat into the body or protrude further out without an erection. Nigh time erections were a little painful.

As a foot note though I do have to say that the CB3000 was not a perfect security device, it is possible to pull out of the back. You would need a piercing for total security.

I haven't locked myself away for ages now but I think having written this I might on Monday. I'm not out of town so I will post the key back to myself.