Thursday, 18 November 2010

Sessions with Icons

If I have any regrets it's the Dommes I left too late to visit. As I travel the halls of Femdom related sites I notice that same ladies have achieved great fame within this fetish. As I watched clip after clip I soon desired to bend to the will of these ladies, however too many times I let these legends retire from doing sessions without visiting them. As my readers know I never link a Domme directly to a session but it's no harm to list the ladies for whom I never met. I have three big regrets, I never got to session with Mistress Precious and her left arm from hell, I left it just to late to session with Mistress Valkyrie and I wish I had felt the wrath of Sidonia Von Bork.

Despite these regrets just three weeks ago just before I went on Holiday I had the privilege to be punished by a true modern legend. It was superb and she made me cry which is CP nirvana for me. Also for the first time ever I had my hands tawsed which was wonderfully painful. I had to drive home after this session, my hands and the wheel were not a good combination. The next morning I was on a plane to Europe and I was sitting for three hours on a heavenly sore bottom. Thank you, you know who you are.

So what is it that makes the legends such ?  Well obviously Internet exposure but this alone won't do it, for those that still session and don't just film have to keep up the standard and that takes effort. In my most recent session I am sure it is the ladies comprehensive questionnaire that brought out the best in our session. days before our meeting this iconic lady was able to see what made me tick and in turn she was able to administer an outstanding session.

More of the early years in my next post.