Monday, 25 June 2012

12 before work (fiction story)

In my continuing absents from sessions I thought I'd write another addition to the Jill and Steve series. I hope you enjoy it.

12 Before Work.

Steve awaited the 12th stroke, he couldn't prepare himself for it as he was shaking, he's knees were weak and he was doing all he could to keep his hands on the chair and his feet on the ground, he was overtly crying and whimpering and only his fear of this forthcoming 12th stroke was greater than his trembling. A blind swish of the cane caused him to brace but no contact came, then silence; and then anything but silence as Steve howled at full volume as the last stroke struck directly and deeply into the sit spot, tears flooded from Steve as he slumped over the chair.

10 hours earlier:-
The journey home had been in silence, Steve knew he had been way out of line, he had argued and humiliated Jill at their friends house and he knew what was coming. Jill however was angry, extremely angry and in her opinion far too angry so as they entered the house she said to Steve

you're sleeping in the spare room tonight

Steve replied can I.....

but they were the only two words he got out before Jill snapped

I don't care what you do Steve just keep out of my way

Steve sulked off to the spare room, he had never had sleep in there before and he feared he had really pushed things too far.

Jill got into bed, she was a little disappointed with herself as the whole idea of this disciplinary lifestyle was to avoid long protracted arguments and silences, the problem though was she was far too angry to deal with Steve rationally. He had humiliated her beyond believe, she just didn't know what he was thinking of. She cried.

It was a long night for both of them. Steve was struck the inevitable regret one gets after such stupidity whilst Jill was kept awake trying to rationalise what had happened.

Eventually Jill woke up. She always got up showered first, then Steve would shower and prepare breakfast as Jill got ready for work as she had to leave earlier than him. Steve heard Jill finish in the shower and got up, Jill greeted him on the landing

Just shower, get downstairs and wait for me

Although the standard "punishment" command had not been used Steve knew what it meant and just replied

Yes Ma'am

Jill did not correct him, in fact she said nothing.

As Steve entered the front room nothing had been prepared, no spanking chair in place, no implements laid out. The ritual had not been preformed at all on Jill's part but he thought it best to face the wall as normal for his role in these events. Eventually Steve could here Jill coming down their wooden stairs, for some weird reason it struck Steve that Jill was already wearing her shoes, she normally puts those on just before she leaves, she hasn't even had breakfast yet.

Turn around Steve came Jill's command.

Steve could see her now, all dressed in a dark formal business dress. she as always looked immaculate. In her hand however she held the heavy cane and Steve just knew after last night that it would be a maximum 32 stroke cold caning coming his way.

Go and get the chair, put it the normal place and get bent over it. I don't want to hear one single word from you.

Steve did exactly as commanded and within 25 seconds he was in place with his backside ready to receive nothing less than it deserved, but first Jill addressed him

Firstly Steve I have an apology for you. I should have dealt with this last night but I didn't trust myself then to give you a measured and proportionate punishment. That said you're behaviour last night was beyond the pale and I intend to see you never do that again so brace yourself for 12 strokes.

12? Steve was delighted, she obviously can't be as annoyed as he thought she was. OK this will hurt like hell as all full force cold cane strokes do but at least it's only 12. Steve never watched Jill punish him, he found if he watched he flinched and then a hand or foot would come out of place and extra strokes would arrive. Steve slightly bowed his head and awaited his punishment.

A couple of blind swishes of the cane could be heard as Jill got the balance and feel of the implement and then swoosh; stroke 1. Steve yelped, the stroke had landed about two inches below the sit spot, it stung like crazy. Jill moved behind Steve to inspect the arriving welt.

Steve could feel Jill behind him, he thought her aim must be off because it was early. Jill stepped back and Steve braced himself.


The second stroke landed in exactly the same place, it was agony and the sting would not ebb away, he could hear Jill raise her arm for number 3 which landed with incredible force two inches above and directly in the sit spot, what was up with Jill's aim? Steve thought. then sanity returned as the 4th landed cleanly on the buttocks, painful yet bearable.

Jill waited a few seconds longer to allow Steve a misguided relieve before raising her arm and bringing the 5th stroke down full force onto the site of the first two strokes, Steve howled and she could hear the tears arriving. As Jill prepared for the 6th she could see Steve starting to shake a little however she showed no mercy as she brought down both stroke 6 and 7 directly into the sit spot. she placed stroke 8 firmly across the buttocks but only to give Steve another false hope. Now she intended to drive the lesson home. She wasn't off aim, far from it, she was getting these strokes exactly where she wanted and she was getting the results she wanted. She knew full well what Steve would think when she announced 12 strokes. Little did he know. stroke 8 returned full force to the sit spot

I told you not to speak, no is word, stick to screaming and crying please.

Her coldness was as deliberate as his nastiness last night. Jill eyed up the spot a couple of inches below the sit spot, it was red raw but it was to endure stroke 9 which was delivered with venom. Steve howled but after stroke 10 and 11 had alternated between the sit spot and the area below again he found himself crying profusely and shaking almost uncontrollably. This was a very painful punishment.

Jill waited a little while, she swished the cane through the air, she noticed Steve flinch at the noise of the blind stroke. She eyed the sit spot, raised the cane and swung it through the air bringing her wrist in for the perfect timed stroke, she saw all life drain out of Steve as he fell over the chair, he eventually slid to his knees. Jill approached and moved the chair to one side and stood in front of her husband. Steve wrapped his arms around Jill's waist and placed his head side on to the flatness of her abdomen. Jill just held him as he cried and said sorry over and over.

It's all OK Steve, we are even again. Jill reassured him.

Jill didn't need breakfast and left for work quickly, Steve decided to work from home, he knew he would be far too emotional for the office. The reminder would last a while, it wasn't just when he sat it was painful he could even feel it as he walked but it was fine by him, normality had returned in his life.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Great clip

I rarely put clips on my bog mainly because I'm much more of a still photograph fan. I prefer to allow my imagination to interpret the photograph but this little gem ticks most of the boxes. Being English i can't help but feel she should have finished with a dose of the cane though.

Top marks to the sub here too. I've had many spankings of this nature and ferocity and i can tell you my rear end doesn't survive as well as his. I'd be black and blue.


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