Sunday, 30 September 2012

Re-called to school

I recently attended a school day with 8 other naughty boys. This won't be a long post due to not wanting to compromise the confidentiality of the other participants.

It was a superb afternoon organised to maticulous detail by two wonderful ladies in an excellent setting. The scenario took the assumption that we were the adults that we are re-called to the reformatory  for remedial training in etiquette, behaviour and respect. We were all soundly punished and left with stripes to remind us of lessons re-learned.

This is only the second time I have interacted with spankees. It was very interesting to see how us 'students' interacted with each other. When school first started there was an uncomfortable air but with one exception by the time the last bell rang we were pretty much one group of like minded people. I still prefer the one to one or more to the point me being the only sub sessions but never the less this was good. 

Thanks again to the Ladies in charge, you made it a fun day.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cum eating, butt plugs, oh and that place just off of Tottenham Court Rd

There is a dungeon/playrooms in a one way street just off the north end of Tottenham Court Rd. I would imagine that anyone active in the session scene in London will know where I'm talking about. What sticks out about this venue is the number of different Dommes that have used it. Even my regular London Mistress used this place between moving her own premises. In fact I had two great sessions with her in the living room area. The only times I've been upstairs. Loving the strict wife scene it was ideal fo me. Off the top of my head I can think of 9 different Dommes I've sessioned with there, from the early days everything was painted silver, through the Mistress Claire era (where is she know ?) up to the most recent where I met for the first time the best Domme/disciplinarian I've ever know. I haven't got a clue who is using it now but I bet I'll find out soon enough.

The venue has been the location for two "firsts" for me too. Here are they are, treats that awaited at the foot of the metal staircase.


Cum eating

I had never indulged in this activity before a visit to see a Russian Domme in this basement Dungeon. I was stood in a star shape, my arms hanging from the rope that was attached to leather cuffs and my legs in turn cuffed and spread. My backside was raw from it's thrashing when Mistress approached me and made me a deal. Slowly she caressed my balls and started to rub my cock. she explained she would take me all the way but the cost was to be me eating my own mess. I was too aroused to pull out and agreed readily. She informed me if I failed to do so she would punch my balls hard. Mistress dis-appeared from sight as she crouched down and got to work. I came quickly, my sperm all skillfully collected in a very small plastic saucer. Mistress raised it to my mouth, she told me to lick it off but not swallow. I did as I was told. She laughed as she told me to open my mouth so she could see. I then had to swirl it around in my mouth before swallowing.

I have indulged in this practise a few times since in various ways with supervised masturbation, vibrating machines and as described above. If done well by the Domme it is a wonderful form of submission but if not it's terrible. The idea of cum eating is great when horny but post orgasm it doesn't seem such a good idea. A good Domme could make you beg to consume your own mess even post cum.


Butt plug

A Domme I had visited a few times in this dungeon suggested it for a session. I wasn't too sure about this but I was willing to try. I'm glad I did. Hetro-sexual anal can as I found out be fun.

First Ma'am left a rope around my neck and told me to bend, very slowly she inserted the butt plug, at first it was fine but it hurt a bit as it expanded and when it broke through and my arse sealed itself onto it. She then pulled the rope between my legs and back up to the back of my neck. it was then tied off so that the rope was ensuring the plug was going nowhere.

With that in place we went on with the CP aspect of the session. As I was being given a sound paddle spanking OTK. I could feel the plug rubbing against my prostate. How I didn't come in her lap I'll never know.

Again I've repeated this many times since. Well it's a bit of fun. Isn't it ?