Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Governess Ely

My fetish life took a surprise trip out of the M25 last week to finally meet a Domme who I had chatted with on Twitter for some time. I was really looking forward to this session and my anticipation was rewarded with a great afternoon in this lovely lady's company.

Miss Ely has kindly given me permission to name her in this blog. I love a domestic setting for my sessions and this real life house setting was perfect. I'm always nervous on a first session but Mistress made it really easy with her outgoing and chatty personality.

The last thing I want to do is turn this into a Mistress review site and whilst I will give blow by blow accounts on un-named sessions I don't wish to do that do named Dommes. I will however tell you about it's highlight.
Readers of this blog will be aware of how much I enjoy the American named diaper position. During this session Mistress ordered me to lay flat on my back. Oddly I didn't know what she had in mind at first until she returned to the side of me with a hairbrush tucked under her arm. I then knew. Mistress just stood there rubbing something into her hands, it seemed to take forever as the anticipation grew inside of me. Finally my legs were hoisted upwards, I suffered the embarrassment of the exposure that position yields and the nightmare of seeing every action of Ma'am's arm as she began the punishment. It was painful, submission was complete and couldn't help but keep eye contact.

I genuinely loved this session and can't wait to see Mistress again, I suppose it's good she is not in London or I could form an addiction. I always judge a Domme by how quickly I fall into total submission. Readers now that I found one Domme who only has to look at me for that to happen, well let me tell you, Governess Ely is not that far behind. By the time I had stood up from the opening OTK I was willing to do anything Mistress commanded. If I had to sum up Miss Ely in one word it would be "real". She is absolutely genuine.

This session was CP only, I can't wait to see what unfolds in later session but that of course is up to Mistress.