Wednesday, 30 November 2011

FLR blogs and desires

When I started this blog I called it DWC desires, in retrospect I should have called it "Adventures of a spankee" or maybe "I pay to get spanked" would have been more apt, but I'm glad I didn't because underlying all of my adventures is the desire to live in a FLR. I don't want to be an out and out slave or cuckold, I would just like a loving disciplined relationship where I don't have to concern myself with being in charge. Both my previous long term relationships failed because of this. Here is the stinger though, I have long since totally given up looking for it, and I have done everything. I've advertised in a thousand ways in all different styles and in a hundred locations and during that time I have had not one single reply or e-mail returned.

So is FLR a reality or just a huge desire many of us dream of but doesn't exist ? Well if the amount of blogs on this subject are anything to go by then FLR's are plentiful. However are these blogs true or are they just guys imaginations working overtime ? I don't know is the answer. Some blogs are definitely fake because you can find huge discrepancies and contradictions in them and some are clearly just a front for a commercial aspect of this fetish/lifestyle. Now I may be naive but I do think some are true, but the odd thing is that I don't care if they are fact of fiction, I still read them. I don't care because for me I've given up and I now totally live in the play area of all of this. Yes all my visits to disciplinarians/Dommes are true and as I report on this blog but the reality is that in real life they are fake because I'm controlling it. I'm paying for it and receiving a service. A very good service too in the main.

When coming across a new FLR blog I always start by assuming it's true. I don't set out to disprove it, I just set about enjoying it. If the author screws up and exposes it as fake then ok I know, but I'll still go back. Fact or fiction it still entertains me.
I love reading- although with envy the ones I'm sure are real. You're lucky guys, but you must know that already if your search was anything like mine. Anyway back to something that is real. I will be getting a severe punishment next week. Keep writing those blogs guys. I for one am grateful.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Twitter, message boards and blogs

It doesn't matter what you're into, whatever turns you on from sniffing milk bottles to eating hair the online world will have blogs, message boards and a whole host of professionals waiting to take your money from you, some honourably and others not so. The BDSM/spanking world is no different.

I try to keep this blog free from any controversy, but my other online persona is not so mild mannered and recently thing have got a bit hot. On one message board I managed to upset a few folk. Now that doesn't bother me but my point is that the cyber world is a very harsh one. You should see the e-mails I get telling me everything from "you'll never go to heaven" and my favourite " you're a pervert". Like I didn't know. For the most part I'm going to keep off message boards, the recent anger started when I made my comments regarding the subject of sexual activity in sessions and the cost of sessions. I didn't start these threads, but a lot of people didn't want either of these subjects approached, so much so that in this case the host of the message board removed all the heinous opinions that got in the way with inconvenient truths.

Now Twitter, I have had some fun with this, though in the world of Domme/sub it is often very difficult to communicate with the Dommes as they have massive followings so they just can't always answer your tweets in return. It has been a great place to find good Mistresses though and it's nice to be able to communicate before chosing to session.

My favorite online reading though is definitely the blogs. I get very envious of those in DWC relationships and next post I will elaborate.