Monday, 21 February 2011

What's in a name ?

In my first ever session I was instructed to address my Domme as Mistress. I don't recall having even thought about how I would address the lady but Mistress seamed logical and who was I to argue however when I moved on and sessioned with my next Domme I automatically called her mistress during the first session, she instructed me to not call her Mistress but to address her as Madam. This was the great Mistress Paula who as I said in an earlier blog I sessioned with for many years but not exclusively and during that period on an outing to Croydon I met a Domme whom I addressed as Madam and she went mad stating she was far to young to be called Madam and I was to refer to her as Mistress.
Despite this being an initial problem it has never bitten me since and not because I ask first. I have come to like using the expression Ma'am. I find myself feeling very submissive using it, to the point that I only use it in sessions and not when addressing ladies in normal life. I have never yet had a Domme object although a Domme I got to know and then fell out with on Twitter hated the term. I was due to session with her and would have had to remember the following

To be honest though as long as I end up in the position below it's just a name.

Or is it ?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

40,000 visits

40,000 visits in only a few months. It is evident to me that many folk would like the next half an hour of their life to start as the image below.

and end like this

Happy are those in a DWC life, envious those of us that chase the dream another way and frustrated are those that sit by and do nothing.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Short sharp shock pending

I can hardly contain my delight at a second session with a true legend. I'm booked in for a half hour short sharp shock. I will let you know how I faired my ordeal next week. Counting down the hours until tears.