Thursday, 31 May 2012

Spanking Verbals

Due to my recent injury I've not been in a position to have good spanking session. I'm desperate to feel the sting of the cane ! As I have no sessions to report on I thought I would share some of the memorable comments that have been made to me during the sessions over the years. When I recall sessions the scolding can burn in my memory as much as the pain. Here are a few.

If you fall off that stool I'll just start from the beginning again.

That was during my first ever "proper" session. I was in agony and well out of my comfort zone. The thought of starting again filled me with terror.

Lay on your back and open your mouth.

I had no interest at that time in watersports I also had no idea this was coming but I loved it and now I can't get enough of it. It all proved how stupid I was really. After the session I told my Domme that it was a surprising first for me and expressed how much I enjoyed it. She then referred me to the original advert that stated "suffer at xxxx's hands then drink up". OK I really should have worked it out.

You like that cane now don't you ?

I always here that comment in an Irish accent. This delightful Dublin lady noticed the point I was totally "in the zone" the point where you're lurching your backside out to greet the next stroke.

Have been caned by a left handed lady yet ?

It was at the start of my spanking odysseys and I hadn't been. I'm "evened out" these days but then having the strokes land on the other side was like my first session all over again.

This cane is the same thickness as the last, do you want to know why it hurts so much more.

At the point this line was delivered I was strapped down on a spanking bench. Ma'am crouched down in front of my face and explained the virtues of lacquered canes.

I don't know if you normally cry during a session but I aim to make you rather tearful today.

I do cry during a heavy punishment, this lady succeeded.

Now start masturbating.

I've heard this in many forms over the years. On the first occasion I was told to kneel before this lady and then the line was delivered. If a mistress ever wants to genuinely humiliate me then this is the way. I hate masturbating in front of Dommes. I once had to do it front of a Domme and her trainee. A very tearful event.

Right wooden spoon now, over you come.

I remember this so well because I had no idea how much they hurt. I found out.

Lets try the diaper position now.

I now love this position, my first time in this position was with an American Domme; very fitting.

I'm going to beat the shit out of this asshole.

I remember this because it was the worst session I've ever had. The statement was made from the Domme to her maid as I waited in the room. I hate foul language during a session. I like the Domme to ooze authority and class. She had neither.

40 strokes, 10 with each cane. you can chose the first cane.

This was great. This lady had the canes displayed horizontally on a board. i stood starring at the board with no idea of which cane to chose.

3 dragons

This is from the same session. After delivering the 10 strokes with my chosen cane this lady then placed 3 more canes in front of me whilst stating the above. They hurt.

I've saved my favourite to last. This line was delivered by a lady I have the up most respect for during our first session together;

I'll warn you now, this won't be at all easy for you today.

I was stood in the corner at the time, she wasn't wrong either.

I would love to hear some of yours, including Dommes, do you phrases you love to insert into a punishment ? Please comment.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Fiction Story; Bad weekend, terrible Monday

Continuation of the Jill and Steve series.

Steve was not enjoying his Monday drive home, not just because it was Monday but because of the foul mood he had been in all over the weekend. He had ruined Jill's weekend and it was all for nothing as in the process he'd ruined his own too. He knew why. In January Jill had suggested a 24 orgasm a year regime to cull Steve's excessive masturbation. A game had been played where two days each month had been selected by a date draw. Today was the day.

Jill insisted that the first year Steve be locked in a chastity device, she was hoping that the second year he could control himself and an honour system would be in place. Steve's last orgasm was on April 17, it was a wonderful night of fantastic love making with Jill. The dates drawn for May were the 14th and 22nd and this was his longest period of abstinence thus far.

Saturday night had been too much for Steve, he begged Jill for sex, the truth was he didn't mind not masturbating but he wanted to make love to his beautiful wife more than 24 times a year. He even accused Jill of being selfish as she made him pleasure her orally whenever she felt in the mood. Steve found this frustrating and didn't accept Jill's explanation that she could control her desires while he would over use his sexuality by masturbating to excess and not enjoying the beauty of sex and orgasm. Jill didn't give in on Saturday night and told Steve to wait til Monday. The net result was a silent Sunday.

Reflecting on the weekend during his home commute Steve pondered as to why he hadn't been punished for his mood, not even a maintenance spanking. He knew release was coming tonight as Jill never used chastity as a punishment, far from it; it was to help him. He was really regretting his weekend mood as he thought it would be a real barrier in place for tonight's events.

Eventually Steve put the key in the door and entered gingerly, he approached Jill with a bunch of flowers and started to apologise but within two words Jill put her finger to his lips and said


Yes ma'am

In fact Steve couldn't get the words "yes ma'am" out of his mouth quick enough. He knew that a sound punishment would make him level with the house and normality could then reign. He knew he wouldn't enjoy it but that was the price he'd have to pay for his Sunday childishness.

As required after the "punishment" word Steve quickly showered and returned downstairs, he walked past the chair which had the heavy hairbrush on it and placed his nose against the wall. This wasn't going to be pleasant.

Ok get over my knees, don't waste time.

Steve almost ran into position.

You have a very hard hairbrush spanking coming your way, you know you deserve it. Now brace yourself.

Jill got to work. The first six blows struck 3 on one side the 3 on the other. Within six strokes Steve was in agony both sides of his rear instantly at the limit. The next six struck lower where the backside meets the legs, again 3 and 3. He laid across her legs sniffling as this pattern of twelve continued over and over until Jill paused.

What really bothers me Steve is that if you didn't have the chastity device on I swear you would have sneaked off and masturbated. I need to see a lot more control for the rest of this year to even consider removing it next year. At the moment young man it doesn't look good for you. Brace yourself.

The next reign of terror followed no pattern, Jill simply struck where she desired. This made it impossible for Steve to settle into a pattern and so the sniffling turned into outward crying.

Go to the wall and take a break, I'm not finished with you yet.

Yes ma'am

Steve approached the wall, he could here the cupboard door opening. Was Jill getting another implement ? If so this was unusual as normally the implements would already be on the chair. Steve waited until eventually;

Get yourself bent over the back of this chair, I'm going to cane you.

Whilst Steve could not see his own backside he knew it must already be red raw, this was going to be hell.

I was only going to hairbrush spank you Steve but as tonight is so important I want all the demons out of the way. You will receive 24 strokes, as normal your hands and feet will remain firmly in place or we will repeat that stroke. Understand ?

Yes Ma'am


Swish, the first stroke landed low, very low almost on the legs and Steve stood bolt upright.

You must be stupid. As both hands left the chair that stroke doesn't count so I'll add two, that's one extra for each hand. You will learn how much you ruined my weekend Steve, Now bend over. 26 to come.

Steve returned to the position. In the end there were 28 strokes to endure, two minor foot movements being enough for Jill to add extras, all the strokes were powerful and only a few seconds apart, crying had turned to howling and after the final stroke he found himself on his knees crying profusely. Jill approached and put her arms around Steve and said;


It was done, Ma'am had become Jill again.

Thank you for the flowers Steve they are beautiful.

They went to bed that night, the love making was outstanding. Tuesday was going to be a great day.