Friday, 3 August 2012

The Visitor (a fiction story)

Continuation of the Jill and Steve series;-

The visitor

Kate was Jill's best friend, they had known each other since high school, Kate was married to Don. Jill and Steve had spent much time in each others company but not so much recently since
Jill had confided in Kate about their lifestyle. It was ill advised as Kate then told Don and whenever they met Don just teased Steve about it. Steve, the bigger and stronger of the two men became aware he was not far from reacting violently to this teasing and found it best to avoid him. Jill however had somehow found it in her heart to forgive Kate for her breach of confidence, something Steve admired Jill for but wondered how she achieved it.

Kate returned home from a Saturday morning coffee with Kate and started to converse with Steve in the kitchen.

Were you aware Kate found out Don had been to a massage parlour ?

No. Steve added, I hardly speak to him and never independently. I take it they are finished then ?

Well no. Kate actually went to see the woman.

Never ? Steve replied laughing.

Apparently they had a calm conversation, the girl said she could tell it was Dons first time ever because he was so nervous.

What that cocky bastard ? Steve questioned.

Apparently he just had what she described as hand relief.

Yeah that's posh for a hand job. Steve sarcastically stated.

There was a slight pause, enough for a sip of the coffee Steve had made, then Steve asked,

so what's happening about it then, surely she isn't leaving it at that ?

There was a greater pause before Jill replied

She wants me to punish him.

Why doesn't she do it ? asked Steve

Remember me in the early days Steve ? fumbling around with silly slippers, no idea how to swing a cane. can you imagine having to deal with something this serious without the experience.

Jill continued,

Steve, I know I lead this marriage but I do want your blessing on this. Kate also wants you to be there to witness, she thinks it will add to his humiliation and go some way to paying you back for the teasing and breach of trust.

I just have one rule, Steve replied, Whilst I think he should be naked for this I don't want him over your knee, it's too intimate.

Oh no not at all Steve. In fact Kate has already asked for the maximum 32 cane strokes that you get on serious breaches of behaviour.

32? Steve almost spilt his coffee. He won't take it Jill, he has never been caned.

I know. I said the same. I told Kate that must be full force punishment strokes. We have agreed on 24 with extras for non compliance.

Ok, when is this happening ?

Tomorrow at 1

SUNDAY 12:50

The doorbell rang and Jill went to the door, Kate and Don entered the main living room followed by Jill. Steve was sat side on to the dining room table with a pad and pen. Placed on the coffee table was Jill's heavy dragon punishment cane. Don had not yet noticed it. Jill allowed just enough time for Don to feel awkward but then went to work.

I know Kate has told you why you are here and the fact that you have come I will take as your acceptance of the punishment you about to receive. Now take all of your clothes off, and I mean all and stand facing the wall with your hands on your head. I want that done in under one minute.

Don seemed to take forever, he pealed his clothes off and approached the wall in a way that everyone in the room could only see his naked backside. It took him one minute and 10 seconds. Steve sensed this wouldn't be good for him. Jill left him facing the wall for about two minutes before picking up the cane from the coffee table and barking her second set of orders.

Turn and face me Don keeping your hands firmly on your head.

Don turned slowly, every sense in his body was working three times faster than normal. He could see Steve sat at the table, he glanced at his wife sat on the sofa but what he noticed the most was his wife's best friend stood in front of him like he had never seen her before.

Steve, Jill and even Kate immediately looked directly if not momentarily to Dons penis, it's a natural reaction. Steve could immediately see that Don was not at all aroused by this scene.

Jill took control.

I'm not here to judge you Don, I'm here to administer the punishment your wife has seen fit. During the punishment you will address your wife and myself only as Ma'am. Steve will not be interactive but just observe and record extras. I will explain extras in a moment. It is important for you to remember Don that Steve's presence is an integral part of your punishment. In a moment i will instruct you to bend over that chair and place both hands firmly on the seat. You are to receive 24 strokes of the cane, if your hands leave the chair or your feet leave the floor you will receive an extra stroke. I do not expect you to be silent because that will be impossible although you may not want the neighbours to hear what's happening to you, as Steve will tell you I don't care if they hear so it's up to you. Kate will count the strokes. You failed to get undressed and at the wall in one minute so you already have one extra. It is also important you remember when receiving the extras that they are not for your marital shortcoming but they are a direct punishment from me to you for non compliance.

Steve noted down the Extra while Jill continued.

Do you understand ?

Yes Ma'am Don nervously replied

Good, now get bent over that chair and be quick.

Don moved swiftly to the chair his stomach like a stone, over the years he had witnessed Steve's obedience to Jill and he knew something powerful was driving that and he knew he was going to find out what.

Move your legs further apart and bend lower in the chair please Don. Jill ordered

As his legs moved apart his balls came in view, vulnerable but as very male spankee knows: safe. His backside moved higher as he lowered further over the back of the chair. Kate moved to the side of Don. There was a silence, then a swish, then a scream, then the number one exiting Kate's vocal chord's, the punishment had begun.

Don was in agony and he knew there was no way he would take it all. What he didn't now is that he would. All punishments are completed eventually and this would be no different but for now he protested.

Please Kate I will never ever do that again

One extra barked Jill I told you to address your wife as Ma'am

Steve had already written it down and was shaking his head at Don's early error.

Kate was in a kind of trance counting out the strokes. Don had hurt her, she didn't feel at all bad that she was hurting him back even if by proxy. By the time the sixth stroke struck Don was sniffling and shaking, Kate wanted him bawling.

Jill wanted to up the ante a bit so her seventh stroke landed perfectly in the soft "sit spot" it was the first one into the sit spot and Don howled. His left leg bent and his heal almost hit his backside. a quick word from Jill to Steve and it was written down. He was now on 3 extras.

A word of advice Don, don't try to get use to the strokes, they have different pain feeling across all areas. always assume the next stroke will be unbearable and your less likely to move.

Steve also listened to Jill's advice to Don, she had never said that to him. it was good advice and something she had learnt at the expense of his own backside. Kate was still angry and hoping each stroke was torturous.

Jill didn't let up and the seventh went full force below the sit spot. This stroke was the stroke to start the tears. Don held his physical composure but not his mental composure, both Jill and Steve knew the punishment had now started for real.

Jill was realising that she was punishing Don absolutely emotionless. she loved Steve and had been known to shed a tear whilst punishing him but this was cold, her emotions all went to her best friend who had been wronged. She arrived at stroke 12 fully in control.

As stroke 15 flew into a howling recipients backside Jill started to notice a change in the sound of Kate's voice during the counting, as Kate counted 16 she was actually crying. Jill knew at this point she had an incredible responsibility on her hands, this wasn't just punishing Don it was healing Kate and as if a jolt hit her Jill stepped up the pace putting an incredibly powerful 17th stroke firmly in the sit spot, so hard Don stood up.

One extra, get yourself back over that chair !

It was no surprise to Steve at all as he observed Don openly bawling his eyes out and continually repeating the words "sorry Ma'am I'm so sorry" Steve knew he meant it now, it wasn't an attempt to get Jill to stop either, the words weren't directed to Jill anyway. Jill was swinging the cane but Don was under no illusion that it was anyone other than Kate that had issued the punishment. Steve had gained some respect for Don, his crying was a sign of his manhood not a weakness, he knew that Don could never tease him again and he was ready to forgive him. He started to think how it might be that Jill forgave Kate.

After stroke 23 Jill addressed both Don and Kate.

You have one more appointed stroke left. I want your last stroke to remind you of your infraction towards your marriage. I am going to give you your 4 extra strokes first. Remember these are from me to you directly for not fully complying. I want you to count them. If you could step back for these please Kate.

Kate moved away and Jill raised the cane .Don did well, the first 3 landed with a full force on the buttocks, the last with a stinging blow in the sit spot.

Four, I apologise for not complying Ma'am

That's OK now Don, you're level with the house with me but you have one more to take for Kate. Come back now Kate.

Kate returned to Don, this time she cradled his head. All four people in the room knew that the last stroke was heading in the same place as the previous and with brutal force Jill did not disappoint.

A howling Don just managed to hear Jill say it's over now. Both Kate and Don were on there knees hugging each other. Jill and Steve nodded to each other and went into the Kitchen to leave them together, it was well over an hour before Kate and Don emerged.


Do you mind if I go out tonight love ? asked Steve

Of course not love, where are you going ?

Out for a beer with Don Steve replied.