Friday, 27 July 2012

Aunty Penolope and her straps and canes.

Well it seems sessions are like London buses now and two have come along a week apart. Yesterday I posted about my return session of last Friday. Today I can report on another session and have been given permission to name the Domme.

I found LadyP's details on the ITC website Due to my Internet trawling habit I knew that LadyP specialised in Sissy's, which is not my thing however I had no idea she was such an exponent of CP.

We decided on a strict Aunt scenario and I have to say she was outstanding at staying in character. I think I also played the role of the errant nephew ok. There was one aspect of this session I didn't have to act out though; the pain.

My backside is in a hell of a mess, I asked for a proper punishment and that's what I got. There was no hand spanking warm up or any light introduction, the first I knew was a sharp slap of a strap or tawse across my naked backside whilst I stood hands on head facing the wall, just the first 12 strokes took my breath away. Between each set I was told to sit on a wooden stool, I could feel my rear getting more raw between each set as I sat there receiving a superbly given scolding each time. The sets increased to 18 strokes still with various tawses.

By the time we had reached the last Tawse it was announced by Aunty Penelope that I was to receive 12 from each side. Even as I sit here painfully writing this I don't know how I endured those strokes. I was shaking between each painful blow.

My strict Aunt finished the session with a long and painful caning. the last set being 24 swishes with 3 more added for crying. One of the canes was a custom made black cane and was hell; I didn't like that cane much it was more like a walking stick.

I can greatly recommend LadyP, she will adapt CP to any level. I can't complain as I got exactly what I asked for; a punishment, but she will listen to your needs prior to play beginning.

You can find her at this web address but that site largely refers to her sissy activities. For the best discription of her CP beliefs and skills try the personals section of the ITC mag or just call on 07970 183024

Great day. Thanks Aunty P

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hand, paddle and cane and a great return.

Finally I'm back, I decided to return to the scene with a session at the mercy of my regular London Domme whom I've been visiting for many years. I suppose I always knew it would be this lady I would make my return with.

We decided on the strict wife scenario and we used my absence to our advantage going down the "well over due spanking" route.

Ma'am played her role to perfection. The whole session was like a re-education in the protocols of being spanked and punished. The wall facing position was enforced as was standing firmly to attention during her long and wonderful scolding. Keeping hands and feet in place during punishment was another key demand

As Ma'am entered the room I could feel my heart in my head, it was pounding. I hadn't been spanked for months and I was nervous. I turned and faced my pseudo wife, she looked beautiful but very severe. She began to scold me, she referred to standards slipping and how over due this punishment was, she informed me of what was to come. I wondered if I had made the right choice but little matter now, I was there and I was encapsulated in a false reality.

I was commanded to return to facing the wall. Behind me I could hear things moving and the gentle clatter of wood on wood. I was un deniably excited but also very apprehensive. Finally the command came for me to approach Ma'am. I stood next to her legs, she was sat on a chair, my next move was obvious.

Quickly I was across "my wife's" lap and the hand spanking started. I normally have a firm and well spanked hard backside and hand spanking is normally a very pleasant warm up but months off has seen my arse return to a baby soft state and from spank one the sting was harsh.

After a while I was told to stand. Ma'am then showed me a wooden paddle she had purchased in America. it was like the one below but without the hole in the middle. Quickly I was back across her knee and this vicious implement was visiting my reddened backside, it was hell and soon I found myself in further trouble after my right foot left the ground, it cost me 10 more agonising swats.

With tears flowing and my voice almost incoherent a very coherent Ma'am ordered me to my feet and sent me directly to face the wall. She continued with the never ending scolding. I wondered if she was going to cane me, I was in agony already but I wasn't wondering for long !

I was ordered to put my rubber punishment pants on. I am caned with and without these and let me tell you it hurts more with them on than off because the sting of each stroke is prolonged. I also know when I'm ordered to wear them I'm in for an extended caning. I purchased these years ago because I'm unlucky to bleed quickly when being caned. These pants are a god send, you still mark and I don't care about that but at least your mistress gets to cane without blood everywhere.

Today's caning was 50 strokes, I received 11 extras for foot or hand discrepancies. I didn't do them on purpose either. They were real reactions to real pain. At the end I fell to my knees and placed my arms around Ma'ams waist resting my head against the flat of her abdomen. I was in tears, enjoying the total submission and I was glad to be back.

So what next in my world of perversion? Well something is really tempting me. I have a chance of seeing a wonderful Domme again, one whom I thought was lost to me, but it's not in the environment that I would have liked. Just to see her again would be great. What to do eh?

Monday, 9 July 2012

The Return

In the next few weeks I will probably have my first session since the Dana Kane delight. I've only sessioned that  once since my accident and although I'm delighted I did I only kept that booking because I had made it months before and having a session with her was too much of an opportunity to miss. Out of work just equates to out of sessions (unless you are the UK or US governments and then you would have spent the money anyway)....Rant over.

My anticipation for my return session is great. Before my accident it would be safe to say I was over sessioning and my backside had turned to leather, well it's not now and it's going to hurt. I could chose a progression session, ie hand spanking, leather paddle, hairbrush then cane or I could just let my disciplinarian chose. Either way I think I'll opt for the strict wife scenario.

And there is who to choose to do it ? I could go to my old favourite and although it would be remarkably painful it would also be a known quantity and an easy return or should I really bite the bullet and book a session with someone entirely new. If I do I hope they won't mind tears. I don't enjoy watersports with my regular London Mistress and I do fancy being below the golden fountain so that might help me decide and as I stated a few months back I really still desire to meet one exceptional Domme to see exclusively. It's time really to have just one Ma'am.

As my backside has healed and is soft again I'll probably have to wear the rubber shorts for the cane as I'll cut within a few strokes otherwise. It's always been a problem for me and was the best thing about over sessioning, it was lovely during the last few months not having to wear those. I did however notice that the strokes hurt more in the rubber pants. I think it's a combination of the Domme caning very hard because they feel they can and the fact that the rubber pants keep the sting in. However I still prefer without.

I can't wait to jump back into the pool and if things work out and the money comes in then it shouldn't be too long.

As always any comments or suggestions welcome.