Saturday, 11 June 2011

Today and not enough yesterdays.

As anyone who reads my rubbish will know, mainly because I don't stop going on about it, I have found a true legend for a Mistress, however she is now not available for months. so what's a down trodden pervert like me to do?  Well there is only so long one as weak as me can last so last week I visited an old and trusted Mistress and got a red behind for my troubles. Nothing to report out of the ordinary, the session did exactly what it said on the tin.

Today however I needed something different, I needed to complete my promise of chastity. I am now locked up for one week by a Mistress  I have never visited before. The picture above is me and mine locked up. Sorry if it is not attractive but I'm no porn star just an ordinary guy.

I didn't choose my regular Mistress nor would have I chosen my new found legend for this fetish and that is because I'm frightened of failure. If at any time this week this gets too much then bolt croppers will solve the problem and then all I have to do is cancel next weeks appointment . I simply could not face failure in front of two ladies I'm not worthy to allow disgrace to.

It is only day one today and so far all is fine though it is rubbing slightly behind my balls.

I can only promise I will do my best.

"Please Ma'am hurry back, I need your discipline"