Thursday, 29 March 2012

A session with Dana Kane

I've recently been badly injured and if I'm honest I actually thought that I may never session again and I thought this blog had seen it's last post but the human body is a wonderful thing and I've made an almost full recovery.

Way back since December I've had booked an appointment with Ms Dana Kane. This week she was in the UK and I was well enough to fulfil my obligation and receive a very sore backside.

As readers of this blog well know I never name the Domme, however I've been given direct permission from Ms Kane to reveal. I'm not going to give a blow by blow account, I'm sure better writers have already done that.

It was great to experience the different approach taken by an American disciplinarian. I've often found in the UK that OTK is used more as a warm up for the big event; the cane. With Ms Kane however the OTK and punishment administered whilst laying on the bed was very much the main stay of the show. The other interesting experience was the shear area this wonderful lady covered, she deemed that she owned the punishment Zone and this Zone started almost where the buttocks meet the lower back, then stretched as wide as the hip bone and so low that it was literally the tops of the legs. I'm not saying I've never been struck in these areas before but never with such continuous intensity, it just didn't stop. The hairbrush pictured above was used extremely effectively, as you can see it's not a huge brush but it's deadly and Ms Kane loves to administer this brush in the soft area where the crease of your buttocks starts to meet your legs, the bruising I have there now is quite something to behold.

The implement being held by Ms Kane above was beyond doubt the most painful, not just because it is a superbly crafted paddle but because the way it was administered. I was laying on the bed with a pillow raising my buttocks and Ms Kane was at my feet striking forward and sideways. The far end of this torturous paddle was kissing the extremities of my flank and then striking the tops of my legs with the tip landing firmly in the "sit spot". I was literally biting a pillow and twisting fiercely to get through that part of my punishment.

I love the cane and this session ended with a dozen superbly accurate strokes, two of which are perfectly lined in the "sit spot" I'm enjoying them as I write this. I could have stayed all day receiving cane strokes and in a normal UK session I normally take a minimum of 80 but this session was American style and parts of my behind were truly woken up and new nerve ending saw the light. It was wonderful, it was different and when Ms Kane hits our shores again why don't you give her a try; only DON'T TAKE MY SPOT.

Thank you Ms Kane and thank you for the kind permission to name you. I know it frustrates some of readers that I don't normally put a name to a spank.