Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Release from chastity and sublime diaper position session

I am aware I don't blog as much as may be I should however I try to make each one relevant to what occurs in my fetish life. As I don't live in a submissive relationship or any relationship for that matter I solely rely on professionals for enactment of my desires. Due to my desire to live in a female controlled and strict disciplined lifestyle I always adopt the role of Husband to a strict wife or if the Domme is not comfortable with that then I'll play the role of a husband sent to a Disciplinarian for punishment. Anyone reading my last post will know I tried out a new Domme to play a week long chastity game. The Husband role was almost impossible to include in this so we went for the direct one to one scenario.

The first session the "the lock up" was mainly a CP session followed by the fitting of my chastity device. I was punished for masturbating which was congenial with the need to be placed in chastity, I was spanked and paddled OTK then caned for my err, then I was secured to a bench by my ankles and wrists while my Disciplinarian fitted my cage. In the previous blog you will see my little chap en caged.

My week in chastity was not all pleasure, Anyone who has been in a CB device will tell you is is possible to pull your penis out of the back of the cage and main ring which leaves the device only attached to your balls. I discovered this when I used to play self chastity games. However during the 7 days I did not cheat once, even during nocturnal erections which are bloody painful. I also found the device rubbed the base of my balls which became quite sore along with the upper side of my foreskin.

The second session "the release" was superb, A reminder spanking and paddling OTK was administered before being secured to the bench again where I was teased to full erection for some while until Mistress unlocked and released me, she then cleaned me using a wet wipe and rubbed cream in the sore areas. I could hear Ma'am opening a packet which I thought was a condom but it wasn't. It turned out to be a vibrating ring like the one below.

This ring was placed on my penis but not at the base where it is designed to go but on the head of my member, the vibrate was switched on and within seconds 7 days of frustration were over. My Domme gave me this ring after the session and told me I would get a few more pleasures from it, She was right. She also told me if we do this again the minimum lock up time would be 10 days. I'm not sure I'm ready for that.


My new found Disciplinarian has still not returned to action so I booked a session with my old favourite for a good severe WIFE/husband session which should include the diaper position. It was superb and damn painful. I was in exactly the position below, I was even on a desk.

The eye contact in this position is superb, as are the bruises on an area that doesn't get that kind of attention when OTK.

I love this life.