Monday, 12 January 2015

2014. The hell year

2014 can go to hell. It was without any doubt the worse year of my life on most fronts. This blog is about my submissive front. This is where I'll restart this blog.

I'll start where I ended I suppose. My happiness that I waxed lyrical about didn't last long at all. A person I thought was a lovely human being turned out to have a heart of stone. I was dismissed only months after I was settled. I was heartbroken and ready to walk away from all of this altogether until a truly wonderful lady rescued me. She was the one bright light of 2014 and from August on I gave myself to her. Things submissively at least we're perfect again. Even as she completely down scaled I ended up as one of the only two subs still serving her. Perfect. Until that is an ex sub stalked her so badly that even I thought that she should just give in completely. That was December. 2014 finished as badly as it started. At least I'm left with a great friend now. Unlike my other commitment where I'm totally and utterly ignored. My only crime having been loyalty. How does that happen?

So what now? Well clearly just being loyal to one Domme is no good. It just doesn't bring happiness. So now I'm doing it for me. Expressing my submissiveness in hour blocks of sessions. I'm back on the circuit so to speak. It'll be the same as before on here. I'll publish no reviews that would be bad. I'll report the good only. However this time I'll publish the names. I figure if they advertise with a website and if the review isn't negative then what the hell. Anyway what loyalty have I ever been shown.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that 2014 was such a bad year. I hope 2015 is better. I look forward to reading your posts in the coming year.