Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The return of perfection

I know I stated this blog had come to a natural end but as I sit here in a Bombay hotel a tad bored I have started to reflect on the last two weeks of my fetish life. I had a great anal and watersports session with a new Domme which was great fun but what I really wanted to scream to the world was the news of a session I had with best Domme/disciplinarian on the planet. I thought this lady was lost to me.

It was lovely to be beneath her presence again, I feel so naturally submissive to this lady, I literally just have to look into her eyes and I've gone but the odd thing is I'm fully at ease with her, probably because she is equally a nice person as she is an outstanding Domme.

There was no false scenario either, I just turned up and followed her wishes, simple natural submission. I also had a "first" in this session as I was punished with a Sjambok. I was highly warmed up by this point and even so this new implement stung like hell. In all my years sessioning I think I have only one mainstream implement left to feel now and that is the birch would you believe.

I don't know how long this lady is going to be back in my fetish life but make no mistake it was wonderful to have her back.

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Anonymous said...

Hi P

Nice to see you back. Was tghe sjambok the real hippo-hide thing or one of these rubber things made by Cold Steel?

I had the luck to acquire two real hippo hide sjamboks from a South African vendor on ebay which seems to have disappeared. They are very effective! Recently our (my wife and I) sessions had to be suspended as I had tio undergo a chemo therapy but we are slowly getting back to "normal" now.