Monday, 30 November 2015

New blog and Governess Elizabeth

I have for sometime now been in the service of Governess Elizabeth. Known to me as Mistress Eliza. I've debated over many months to continue with this blog that I've had a lot of fun with but I've decided to close it now.

I've recently started a new blog dedicated to my service and thoughts regarding my journey with Mistreess Eliza.

Please take a look and follow if you like. It's

Thank you all. I hope to see you all over there.

Monday, 12 January 2015

2014. The hell year

2014 can go to hell. It was without any doubt the worse year of my life on most fronts. This blog is about my submissive front. This is where I'll restart this blog.

I'll start where I ended I suppose. My happiness that I waxed lyrical about didn't last long at all. A person I thought was a lovely human being turned out to have a heart of stone. I was dismissed only months after I was settled. I was heartbroken and ready to walk away from all of this altogether until a truly wonderful lady rescued me. She was the one bright light of 2014 and from August on I gave myself to her. Things submissively at least we're perfect again. Even as she completely down scaled I ended up as one of the only two subs still serving her. Perfect. Until that is an ex sub stalked her so badly that even I thought that she should just give in completely. That was December. 2014 finished as badly as it started. At least I'm left with a great friend now. Unlike my other commitment where I'm totally and utterly ignored. My only crime having been loyalty. How does that happen?

So what now? Well clearly just being loyal to one Domme is no good. It just doesn't bring happiness. So now I'm doing it for me. Expressing my submissiveness in hour blocks of sessions. I'm back on the circuit so to speak. It'll be the same as before on here. I'll publish no reviews that would be bad. I'll report the good only. However this time I'll publish the names. I figure if they advertise with a website and if the review isn't negative then what the hell. Anyway what loyalty have I ever been shown.

Friday, 9 January 2015

My Return

For 2015 this blog will return. You may find it a tad different as o return from one bitter experience and one sad experience. See you Sunday.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Journey's end. A beautiful future. My last ever post.

Every blog must come to an end, I didn't just drift from blogging, I made a conscience decision to not let my blog become a mistress review site. However now I have the perfect opportunity to close my blog in the happiest of styles, because my journey is over.

Perfection returned to my submissive life back in July of this year. I once wrote after losing this lady to her break from sessions that I wanted to find one Mistress to settle with. I was tired of searching but search I had to do. I mentioned that "I would drink a lot of cava before I found champagne". I was right, I only found champagne once.  I mentioned that when I found champagne "it wouldn't be the right vintage". Now non of this matters, because I now have my Mistress. The same wonderful lady I thought I had lost. I am so happy.

It hasn't been an easy return for me. I've been full of nerves, full of fear of losing this lady, now my Mistress. I've spent time now with my mistress out of sessions too. It's lovely, my submission is so natural even I can't quite fathom it all. I think I'll just not bother and just accept it. Accept it's simple and pure beauty.

Today for me was a turning point, I've known since September that in my own mind this lady was going to be my sole Mistress but somehow today all the pieces came together. You'll forgive me if I don't go into detail.

Now is not the time to relax though. I have a lot to learn. I'll soak up the knowledge with pleasure and pride. My desire to please is immense and feels so natural but it is a burden, I'm troubled I may do things wrong and I'm sure I will but it is a beautiful burden.  I've titled this post journeys end, it could have as easily been called journeys start. I have so far to go. So much work ahead and no doubt greater things are still to come.

I hope my readers are happy for me. I know this blog was called dwcdesires and I've blogged about the desire to live in a FLR relationship. I don't want that now, not just because the search was impossible but because what I have I now prefer. Just like FLR I don't get to walk away, I'm constantly troubled with this ladies happiness and safety. My mind is constantly reminding me of my mistress.

One simple indication for me that I had finally found the lady I wanted to be my Mistress was that despite being into CP I will do anything to avoid punishment and hopefully will never have to be punished by my Mistress. It'll be a tearful day and it won't be the pain that'll dampen my eyes it'll be the knowledge that I had caused her the upset.

The rest of the indications are for me. Marked "private." Hope you all understand.

I wish all of you, Dommes, Subs and the just damn curious a happy life.

I am blissfully happy

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The return of perfection

I know I stated this blog had come to a natural end but as I sit here in a Bombay hotel a tad bored I have started to reflect on the last two weeks of my fetish life. I had a great anal and watersports session with a new Domme which was great fun but what I really wanted to scream to the world was the news of a session I had with best Domme/disciplinarian on the planet. I thought this lady was lost to me.

It was lovely to be beneath her presence again, I feel so naturally submissive to this lady, I literally just have to look into her eyes and I've gone but the odd thing is I'm fully at ease with her, probably because she is equally a nice person as she is an outstanding Domme.

There was no false scenario either, I just turned up and followed her wishes, simple natural submission. I also had a "first" in this session as I was punished with a Sjambok. I was highly warmed up by this point and even so this new implement stung like hell. In all my years sessioning I think I have only one mainstream implement left to feel now and that is the birch would you believe.

I don't know how long this lady is going to be back in my fetish life but make no mistake it was wonderful to have her back.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Blog dilemma

I'm not sure where to go with this blog now, it's a bit of a dilemma. I've discussed nearly all of my exploits within this fetish and clearly laid out my own fantasies. I continue to session but there is a danger I could turn this into a session review site and I don't want that. so there might be a break until I have again something interesting to add.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Criticism of "The importance of oral servitude"

When I created this blog some two years ago I did so hoping to create debate. To be honest I never achieved that aim.  It's probably a combination of my lack of literary skills and that this blog is mainly read by like minded people. I do receive e-mails that are sometimes abusive but no real argument based in them other than "I'm evil and won't go to heaven" or "I'm a disgrace to the male race"

I think all blog writers enjoy receiving comments on their posts, I'm no exception. I don't get many comments and I have not as yet had a challenging one, until now. Below is a comment left after I wrote "The importance of oral servitude"

                   "Regarding this - "It is rare to find a Domme who will insist you pleasure her orally"
and this -
"Ladies, if you're reading this and your man has been coming up short then show him this and push his head down."
Do you actually account for the fact at all that some Ladies simply do not like receiving oral service?
Don't assume what every woman likes, just because it is part of your fantasy.Don't presume to know what we all want, and do not tell us what we should do.

It would have been nice if this hadnt have been posted anonymously, anonymity lessens an argument, I don't expect a real name. I cyber identity like mine would have done. However I will try to reply.

"It is rare to find a Domme who will insist you pleasure her orally"
and this -

I fully understand the reasons why Dommes, and remember I was referring to Pro Dommes don't offer this service and those reasons go way beyond wether they like receiving oral or not. I made it very clear that I have never asked for this service from a pure Pro Domme. I never will.

"Ladies, if you're reading this and your man has been coming up short then show him this and push his head down."

This sentence never stereotyped all women as loving receiving oral service. If a lady does not enjoy oral then she would never have considered that her man was coming up short in this area. It certainly was not telling you what you should do. It was meant to be tongue in cheek really. It most certainly was not telling you what to do, no more than "brush your teeth with Colgate". If you don't like Colgate you won't. 

You only have to read my blog to know that I never assume that any one body of people will all like the same things. My love of CP has been with me all my life and I have subsequently learned that I greatly enjoy other aspects of BDSM play. However I wouldn't like adult baby play, I don't have a foot tetish, cuckholdery saddens me, needle play terrofies me and scat and smoking play makes me want to vomit. However as I consistently say, if you enjoy these and it's consensual then great. I think no different regarding oral servitude. When I say the importance of oral servitude I mean in regards to myself.

Don't assume what every woman likes, just because it is part of your fantasy

I don't. In fact that's all this blog is. A chronical of my fantasies. Even when I'm telling a tale of a real session I never lose sight of the fact that all I did was live out a fantasy.  Only once have I ever offered myself up for a real un-pleasant experience and even that was selfish as it was to rid myself of guilt. 

I'm not anyone's real slave, no Domme loves me, in fact I wouldn't mind betting that many don't even like me. There have been only two Mistresses/disciplinarians who I've just handed total control over to and both of them in the last 14 months but even that is not real slavery is it ? Neither of them would do an act to me that I absolutely despised. I know some submissives thrive on the slave angle and would literally do anything Mistress asked but the Domme knows that from the outset.

Again one only has to read some of my postings to know how tuned in I am to the fantasy angle. Remember I'm the guy that questions if FLRs truly exist, as opposed to like minded people thoroughly enjoying a fetish together. That's why when I read FLR blogs I don't care if they are real or not.

I kept my post " The importance of oral servitude" in my draft file for months. I was always reluctant to post it because I thought it might be a bit distasteful ( excuse the pun ) but this blog is a reflection of my desires. Oral servitude is one of them.

In a nut shell, I know not all women like oral and I don't assume otherwise. I'm fully aware I feed my fantasies via this blog.